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Attention: Chinese citizens with 10-year B1, B2 or B1/B2 visas in Peoples’ Republic of China Passports

11 March, 2016

In accordance with the agreement signed between the United States and China to extend visa validity, beginning in November 2016, Chinese citizens with 10-year B1, B2 or B1/B2 visas in Peoples’ Republic of China passports will be required to update their biographical and other information from their visa application via a website every two years, or upon getting a new passport, whichever occurs first. This mechanism will be called EVUS - Electronic Visa Update System.

根据美中双方签署的延长签证有效期的协议,自2016年11月起,凡持有10 年 B1,B2 或 B1/B2签证的中华人民共和国护照持有人需要每两年或在获取新护照时(无论哪种情况先发生),通过网站更新他们签证申请上的个人资料及其他信息。这个机制我们称之为EVUS –签证更新电子系统。

You do not need to take any action until the EVUS online update system becomes available in November 2016. The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will keep visa holders informed of new information throughout the year. For further information, please visit


 How to Apply for a Visa

In order to apply for a non-immigrant visa to travel to the United States, you should follow the steps listed below. Non-immigrant visas include those for tourism, medical treatment, students and temporary workers. Information regarding different types of visa and the requirements to qualify for those visas can be found at Be sure to have all the necessary documents ready in order to facilitate the application process.

The basic steps of the application process for a visa to the United States are as follows:

  1. Get a visa photo (important information about photo standards); photos taken more than six months before the interview will not be accepted. Submitting a photo older than six months will delay your visa processing.
  2. Complete the DS-160 application form online (you must fully answer all questions on the application) and print the one page confirmation sheet. Please be sure to provide a valid email address so we can contact you if needed.
  3. Pay the visa application fee. You may pay the fee online, via phone or in person. Please visit for more information. Please Note: this fee is not refundable.
  4. Make an appointment. Visit to obtain information about visa types, appointments and delivery of approved visas.
  5. Prepare your supporting documents, which vary depending on the purpose of your travel. Detailed information is available at Click on the link below for information about the most common visa types.

  6. On the day of your appointment, please come to the Embassy or Consulate General no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Please do not bring any bags, briefcases, etc. with you when you come to the Embassy for your visa interview. Only applicants will be allowed into the consular section, according to their appointment time. Children under 14 years of age and adults over the age of 79 are not required to appear for an interview and their applications may be submitted via Empost courier services. Please visit for additional information.

If your visa is approved, it will be available for pick up at the designated Empost courier location once the Embassy has finished processing your visa.

Additional information

The website of our visa services provider, contains extensive information regarding all aspects of the visa application process. The service provider also operates a call center which is available Sunday to Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m and can answer questions about the application process.  In addition, you may visit our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

If you already had your interview and would like to follow up on your case status, please click here.