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Domestic Employees of U.S. Citizens

Personal or domestic employees who are accompanying or following to join their U.S. citizen employer in the United States may be eligible for the B-1 classification if: 

  1. the employer ordinarily resides outside the United States and is traveling to the United States temporarily, or
  2. the employer is subject to frequent international transfers lasting two years or more and who, as a condition of employment, is going to reside in the United States for a stay not to exceed four years.

Note: It is not possible to qualify for a B-1 visa if the U.S. citizen employer will reside permanently in the United States, even if the individual concerned has previously been in the citizen's employ abroad.

In addition:                           

  • The employer-employee relationship must have existed for at least six months prior to the employer's admission to the United States or, alternatively, that the employer has regularly employed a domestic servant in the same capacity while abroad;
  • The employee has had at least one year experiences as a personal or domestic servant by producing statements from previous employers attesting to such experience.